Mission Statement

The Ph.D. Program for Aging at China Medical University (CMU) was founded in 2010 through the cooperation of CMU and the National Health Research Institute (NHRI). The program integrates the fields of advanced biosciences, molecular biology, nanotechnology, and especially omics sciences to delineate the mechanisms of as well as tackle the problems related to aging and its related diseases.



The main goal of this program is to educate and train students to become expert physicians and scientists in aging and its related diseases. Prospectively, a student who graduates from the program will not only have a solid understanding of the concepts of morality and humanity, but also possess an international vision and the ability to act independently using cutting-edge technology to solve problems in the field of geriatrics.



This is the first Ph.D. program dedicated to research in geriatrics in Taiwan. We are fortunate to have the most advanced and delicate equipment and instruments at our disposal. The faculty in the program is comprised of talented and distinguished scientists from CMU and NHRI, all of whom are pioneers in their research. Students in the program are required to have two advisors: one from CMU, and one from NHRI. Any student whose major advisor is from NHRI and is doing research there can apply for an NHRI scholarship. To graduate, every student must complete 30 credit hours, with 18 credit hours in required courses (i.e. Molecular Cell Biology in Aging, Ph.D. Dissertation, etc.)



Merging the educational resources and equipment from both CMU and NHRI, our program is dedicated to:

  1. Developing the most advanced and state-of the-art Geriatric Medicine Program in Taiwan, along with providing each student with a life-long learning ability.
  2. Strengthening the intimate and effective bilateral academic cooperation between CMU and NHRI, thereby promoting the quality and competitiveness of geriatrics research in Taiwan.